URP 3001


ADMIRE PAINTS “CreteCare URP 3001″ is a specially modified Co-polymer Latex liquid used as a Waterproofing compound in Screed Concrete, and for repairs in Mortar & Plaster. It is also used as a bonding agent between new and old concrete.


  • Economical
  • Multi-purpose
  • Strong bonding
  • Prevents cracking
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • erosion resistance
  • prevents corrosion
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Dust resistance
  • Reduces permeability
  • Grouting

Milky White

200ml, 500ml, 1lit, 5lit, 20lit, 50lit

Mix ADMIRE PAINTS “CreteCare URP 3001” with CEMENT in ratio 1:1.5 and apply in 2 coats followed by a protective screed.

Mix ADMIRE PAINTS “CreteCare URP 3001″ at 10-15% by weight of cement in 1:3 Cement : Sand mix along with 20% of water by weight of cement to workable consistency.

Mix ADMIRE PAINTS “CreteCare URP 3001” 10-15% by weight of cement to a screed concrete ratio 1:1.5:1.5 (Cement: Sand: 6mm aggregates) along with 20% water by weight of cement

Mix ADMIRE PAINTS “CreteCare URP 3001” with cement in 1:1 ratio & apply on a pre-wetted surface.

2 Years from the date of manufacturing


ADMIRE PAINTS “CreteCare URP 3001” is used as a bond coat between plasters, Mortars & Concretes. Also as Waterproofing agent in RCC columns, Beams, Basements, Roof slabs and Screeds, Water tanks and Water retaining structures, External Plastering, Bathrooms and Balconies, Sumps and Drains ; to repair cracks and gaps in Plastering above 5mm ; as a protective coating for Rebars to prevent from corrosion ; to repair damages in Plaster, Mortar and concrete.


Recommended dosage to be followed strictly to achieve desired results. • In hot temperatures extra water may be added to compensate the evaporation loss to make mortar workable