For Ultimate Waterproofing - Excellent Temperature Reduction - Superior Crack Bridging.

Product Details

ADMIRE PAINTS CreteCare Heat Damp Seal is an all in one elastomeric single component monolithic insulating membrane which provides sheild against water, heat and cracks.This hybrid thermoflex technology on curing forms a thick durable membrane thus offering ultimate waterproofing, excellent heat reduction and superior crack bridging on roof surfaces.

Suitable for

Roofs, Flat & Slope Terrace, Vertical Exterior Walls.

Product Features

  • Eco Friendly – Cost effective – Highly Durable – Briliant white – UV resistant – Heat reflective.
  • Ultimate Waterproofing – Very Strong elastic Membrane upto 200% elongation.
  • Excellent Reduction of temperature upto 10°C in peak summer.
  • Superior Crack Bridging.
  • Strong bonding to Surface.


10 Litres

Application Method

Surface Preparation: Prepare the surface thoroughly by cleaning, washing and removing dust, dirt, oil, grease and loose particles.

  • Damaged surfaces, cracks, sharp edges must be cut and repaired with a polymer-modified mortar using “Admire Paints Concrete URP 3001”.
  • The surface shall be thoroughly dried before application of “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild. Do not apply to wet or visibly damp surfaces.
  • Cracks & Joints: • All fine cracks upto 1 mm shall be filled with “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild” directly by brush or roller after cleaning the cracks.
  • All surface cracks up to 5 mm width should be filled up with “Admire Paints Crack Seal 2001” paste.
  • For old terraces with brickbat coba or screeds, the substrate must be checked for its soundness. Damaged portions, sharp edges, weak surface layer must be repaired just before laying the Polymer modified mortar screed, reinstate the surface with bond coat slurry mix with “Admire Paints Concrete URP 3001” in the ratio of 1:1 (1 part URP 3001 : 1 part Cement). Care must be taken that this does not dry before the mortar, screed is placed. Level the surface with Polymer modified mortar mixing with “Admire Paints Concrete URP 3001” 10 to 15% by weight of cement in the CM ratio of 1:3.
  • Application Procedure for New and Old Roofs:  Stir well prior to application.
  • All joints / corners / drainage outlets and penetration points shall be repaired and treated prior to application of “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild”
  • All corners, gaps, joints, protrusions and outlets should be coated with an extra coat incorporating reinforcing fabric. 
  • “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild” may be applied by roller or brush. 
  • Apply a coat of “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild” (diluted with water in the ratio 2:1) as Self Priming – 10 / litre.
  • Allow coating to dry for 3-4 hours prior to applying first coat & second coat.
  • Apply two coats of “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild” @ 2 / litre / coat, without water dilution, the rate of application being the same for both the coats. This would ensure correct consumption of material that will deliver a total DFT of 450– 500 micron.
  • Coverage may vary depending upon the texture and porosity of the surface.
  • Allow the system to air cure for 3 days minimum.
  • After 3 days, conduct ponding test by filling water upto 50 mm height for 72 hours post air curing to ensure leak-free terrace.

Precautions & Limitations

  • Make Sure all corners, gaps, joints, Roof leak repair area & outlets are coated with two extra coats.• Do not apply if rain is expected within 48 hours after application.
  • Do not apply to flat surfaces with poor drainage or where ponding water will exist.
  • The product is designed only for medium foot traffic and not for heavy foot traffic or vehicular movement or movement of machineries and equipments.
  • Do not apply “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild” over expansion or moving joints directly.
  • To achieve 100% waterproofing on parapet walls “Admire Paints Rain Sheild” must be used.
  • Durability of coating is determined by the application process, thd weather conditions during and after application, the suitability & quality of the workmanship and the total applied coating thickness.
  • Do not apply if the surface temperature is greater than 40°C or below 10°C, or likely to fall below 10°C during the application or drying period.
  • Keep the material in close when not in use.
  • To ensure recommended DFT use forced coverage method.
  • For any large area more than 300, please consult Admire Paints Technical service team.
  • Coated surface must be inspected and cleaned bi-annually to maintain overall reflectivity properties, this will help maintain your overall aesthetic appearance and preserve “Admire Paints Roof Damp Seal Temperature Sheild” coating due to environmental factors (such as accumulation of dirt, growth of mold, mildew or algae).
  • Scrubbing should be avoided.

Shelf Life

  • Protect the paint material from freezing.
  • Keep containers closed away from heat and flame. When not in use; store in a cool & dry place.
  • Shelf Life is 24 months from the month of manufacture in unopened & proper storage conditions.