36+ Colours available (Refer Colour Chart)

For better performance, in place of Water add 350 – 400ml of ADICRETE 1776 Cement Grout Admixture or normal Clean Water for every 1kg of Grout powder

Depends on Tile Size, Joint Width and Depth (Refer Coverage Chart)

1 Hour

48 Hours

1kg, 5kg & 20kg


  • For Interior and Exterior, Floor and Wall Application
  • For Joints 3mm – 12mm.
  • Water and Shock Resistant
  • Superior Colour Fast Pigments
  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • Ultra Strong and Durable
  • Multi Colour Options
  • Suitable for all types of Tiles, Stones and Bricks.


  1. Ensure tile adhesive has fully set, Minimum 24hrs during time is recommended.
  2. Ensure open joints are clear from excess adhesive and are protected from contamination, dry and free from loose debris.
  3. Be consistent with the amount of clean cold water used with the cement-based grout from mix to mix when grouting larger areas as indicated on Grout packaging.
  4. Lighting conditions during the installation of tile fixing and grouting should not be different from the final permanent lighting, check the grout colour in the final lighting conditions.
  5. Check colour consistency when using the same grout if applied between different tile types i.e. porous bodied or porous stone tiles vs. porcelain or denser stone.
  6. Do not use in temperatures below 5°C or in damp conditions.
  7. Site conditions can affect drying times such variance should be allowed for.


  • Clean Tiles Before Grouting
  • Fill the Grout Joints Completely
  • Use the Grout Float to Remove All the Excess
  • Allow Grout to Stiffen in the Joint
  • Use Slightly Damp Universal Sponge Board for the First Wash
  • Ensure You Use Clean Water
  • Avoid Using Water Containing Polymer Residue
  • Clean Off Remaining Residue
  • Give a Final Wash Down After Two Hours