Advanced Interior Emulsion

CROWN IMPERIAL Luxury Interior Emulsion

Royal, Shiny, Majestic, Elegant, Healthy & Luxurious Interior Emulsion Paint you can get for your loved ones!!


  • Royal Shiny Sheen
  • Majestic Rich Colours
  •  Elegant Flawless Finish
  • Ultra fine Smoothness
  • Highly Water Resistant
  • Easy Clean Technology
  • Excellent Hiding
  • Unbelievable Coverage
  • Ultra strong Bonding
  • Superior Crack Bridging
  • Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Fungal
  • Lowest VOC • Eco Friendly
  • Low Odour • Alkali Resistant
  • 100% Acrylic Hybrid Technology.


  • Application Area – Interior Walls
  • Type – Acrylic Water-Based Emulsion
  • Colours – 1750+ Rich Hi Sheen Shades.
  • Finish – Hi Sheen Smooth Finish.
  • Coverage – 150+ Sq.ft/Lit Without Dilution.
  • Packing – 1,4,10 & 20 Litres
  • Surface Drying – 30 Minutes


  1.  Surface Preparation: Prepare the surface thoroughly by cleaning, washing and removing dust, dirt, oil, grease and loose particles. Damaged surfaces, cracks, sharp edges must be cut and repaired with a polymer modified mortar using “ADMIRE PAINTS ADICRETE URP 3001”.
  2.  Cracks & Joints: All fine cracks upto 1 mm shall be filled with “ADMIRE PAINTS BASE SEAL COAT” directly by brush or roller after cleaning the cracks. All surface cracks upto 5 mm width should be filled up with “ADMIRE PAINTS CRACK-X SEAL 2001” paste.
  3. Base Coat: Apply a coat of “ADMIRE PAINTS BASE SEAL COAT” without dilution to Cement Plastered surface before using primer. Allow the coating to air cure for 6 hours minimum. All horizontal surface, corners, gaps, joints, protrusions and outlets should be coated with an extra coat of “ADMIRE PAINTS BASE SEAL COAT”.
  4. Putty: Smoothen the surface with “ADMIRE PAINTS MAX WALL CARE WALL PUTTY POWDER or ACRYLIC WALL PUTTY PASTE” Allow it to dry for 6 hours. Sand the surface using 180 Number Sand paper and clean the surface throughly. Apply the second coat of Putty and allow it to dry for 6 hours Sand the surface using 320 or 400 Sand paper and clean the surface throughly.
  5. Primer: Apply a coat of “ADMIRE PAINTS ROOF DAMP SEAL – CLASSIC” diluted with water in the ratio of 2:1 as primer. Allow coating to dry for 6 hours prior to applying the Top coat. All horizontal surface, corners, gaps, joints, protrusions and outlets should be coated with an extra coat of “ADMIRE PAINTS ROOF DAMP SEAL-CLASSIC” without dilution.
  6.  Top Coat: Apply 2-3 coats of “ADMIRE PAINTS CROWN PREMIUM PLUS INTERIOR EMULSION PAINT” without dilution to experience the luxury come true.


  • Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 10°C or if the temperature might drop to this level within 4 hours of application.
  • Do not over-thin or over-extend the brush.
    Tint using Admire Paints machine colourant only.
  • Stir well and strain before use.
  • Tinted paints need thorough shaking immediately after tinter addition as well as before use.
  • For extremely rough surface including textures, application by brush is recommended to ensure all the grooves are covered well.
  • Paint will not cover existing cracks. Proper care to be taken to ensure the cracks are filled first and then topcoat is applied.
  • For surfaces having heavy algal infestation, proper cleaning is mandatory.
  • Primer coat or only one coat of topcoat should not be kept exposed in monsoon. Complete application before monsoon to be ensured.
  • Specially, in pre-monsoon season, horizontal surface needs to be coated first and then vertical. This will help to reduce the streak marks of algal growth, if any.
  • For best performance ensure that the surface is dry. On moisture meter it should be under the green zone. In case of Red zone, find out the source of water and address it before painting.
  • pH of wall to be below 12, if higher contact Admire Paints Technical Service Assistance.
  • Thinned paint should be consumed within 24 hrs of dilution accordingly. It is recommended to thin down only necessary amount of paint. Post 24 hrs thinned paint may be susceptible for microbial attack.
  • Ensure not to use Chlorinated water for dilution.
  • For best performance of paint, ensure proper washing of the painting surface and cleaning of all algal and fungal growth, if any at regular intervals of six months.


  • Drying time – Surface drying time 30 minutes.
  • Sheen levels – 15-26 at 60°GH.
  • Flash point – IS101/1987 Part 1, sec 6 : > 60°C
  • Stability of thinned paint – To be used within 24 hours.
  • Shelf Life is 24 months from the month of manufacture in unopened & proper storage conditions.
  • Protect the paint material from freezing.
  • Keep containers closed away from heat and flame when not in use. Store in a cool & dry place.


  • Skin Contact: Wash skin with soap & water.
  • Remove contaminated clothes.
  • On eye contact: Immediately splash eyes with plenty of water. Consult Physician if irritation persists.
  • Ingestion: It is based on Water Based Coating system, however, seek medical help.