ADMIRE PAINTS CreteCare DAMPSEAL 2K is a Two Component Elastomeric Breathable Cementitious Polymer Modified Waterproof Coating suitable for both Interior and Exterior application, highly recommended for Bathrooms,
Swimming Pools, Balconies, Water Tanks and Sunken areas.


  • Excellent Water Resistance upto 5 bars of Positive and Negative Hydrostatic Pressure
  • High Elongation upto 100%
  • Anti Efflorescence
  • Anti Carbonation
  • Excellent Bonding to Masonry Concrete and any Porous Cementitious surfaces
  • Eco Friendly

Fine White or Grey Powder / Thick Milky White liquid

White and Grey

1 Part Polymer Modified Powder : 1 Part Acrylic Polymer Adhesive

3-6 hours after 1st coat and 12-24 hours after second coat. Minimum 7 days for Water filling

1.0 sq.m per Kg per coat. Minimum 2 coats recommend

5Kg and 20Kg


Ensure the new masonry concrete substrate are fully cured. Surface must be clean and clear from all foreign matter which may effect the coating adhesion. Surface must be in damp SSD condition free from standing water. Using a mixer slowly add powder to liquid until a homogeneous slurry mixture is obtained. Apply two coats minimum in perpendicular direction allowing enough curing time in between each coat as per the recommendation.


Do not dilute with water. Do not apply using roller. Not Suitable for foot traffic area application. Always add powder to liquid. Ensure fresh masonry concrete surface is cured for 28 days prior to application.