Adicrete EP-100 – Epoxy Grout




36+ Colours available ( Refer Colour Chart)

ADICRETE EP – 100 is a factory packaged three component kit containing Part A Resin, Part B Hardner & Part C Colored Grout Powder in 2:1:7 ratio to be mixed as per the recommended procedure during application.

Depends on Tile Size, Joint Width & Depth ( Refer Coverage Chart)

45 Mins

48 Hours

Full Cure

24 Months from the date of Manufacturing when stored in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight.

1Kg – Part A Resin 200g + Part B Hardner 100g + Part C Colored Grout Powder 700g
5Kg – Part A Resin 1Kg + Part B Hardner 500g + Part C Colored Grout Powder 3.5Kg


  • For Interior and Exterior, Floor and Wall Application
  • For Joints 3mm – 12mm.
  • Water and Shock Resistant
  • Superior Colour Fast Pigments
  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • Ultra Strong and Durable
  • Multi Colour Options
  • Suitable for all types of Tiles, Stones and Bricks.


  1. Ensure tile adhesive has fully set, Minimum 24hrs during time is recommended.
  2. Ensure open joints are clear from excess adhesive and are protected from contamination, dry and free from loose debris.
  3. Be consistent with the amount of clean cold water used with the cement-based grout from mix to mix when grouting larger areas as indicated on Grout packaging.
  4. Lighting conditions during the installation of tile fixing and grouting should not be different from the final permanent lighting, check the grout colour in the final lighting conditions.
  5. Check colour consistency when using the same grout if applied between different tile types i.e. porous bodied or porous stone tiles vs. porcelain or denser stone.
  6. Do not use in temperatures below 5°C or in damp conditions.
  7. Site conditions can affect drying times such variance should be allowed for.


  1.  Remove excess adhesive & debris from tile joints prior to grout application.
  2. Using a damp sponge remove stains and dirt from the tile surface.
  3.  Mix Part A & Part B fully in a clean jar, Avoid Part mixing
  4. Mix both thoroughly using a margin trowel for atleast 1 minute.
  5. Now Add Part C Powder to Part A+B mixture slowly until the required consistency is obtained.
  6. Using a Rubber Float fill the tile joints with ADICRETE EP-100 Anti Stain Germ Proof Epoxy Grout.
  7. Draw the Rubber Float perpendicular to tile to fill the gaps and remove all the excess grout on the surface. 
  8. wait for 30 mins for the joints to harden and then clean the excess in the joints with clean water using a nylon scrubber in circular motion.
  9. Wipe the surface thoroughly using a clean wet towel to remove all foreign oily substance on the surface. Frequently change water for better results.
  10.  Leave the Epoxy Grout to harden for 3 hours. Dress it lightly with a sponge or gloved finger soaked in a shampoo solution to make it smoother if found to be rough or
  11. To clean Epoxy Haze found on tile surface, clean it with water & shampoo solution after 24 hours of grout application.